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A billion was stolen in Ukraine.

“Officials are involved in the embezzlement of budget funds for the purchase of bulletproof vests and winter uniforms for units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces performing combat tasks on the front. The illegal activities of the individuals have caused damage to the state budget of Ukraine in the amount of over 1 billion UAH (Ukrainian […]



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Challenges in Workforce Recruitment and How to Find or Land the Right Talent Today Introduction: In today’s dynamic job market, both employers and job seekers face a range of challenges in the quest to find the right fit. Whether you’re a company searching for top-tier talent or an individual looking for the perfect job opportunity, […]


TikTok is deleting our videos


TikTok is deleting our videos. That’s weird. But it’s a fact. For example, he deleted a video about saunas and wrote that it violated community norms. That was really weird. Because in this video we suggested to move away from the usual types of wood and try to use African types of wood to build […]

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