What an assessment centre does
An assessment centre helps to solve a number of HR tasks:

to select promising managers from among the company’s employees and predict the success of their work in a new position;
Make the right decision about hiring a candidate for a vacant position, selected by recruiters from external sources;
assess not only professional but also personal qualities of a new employee and his/her ability to work in the existing team.
Personnel assessment using the assessment-center method provides an opportunity to evaluate a specialist in conditions as close to reality as possible. All of the exercises simulate working situations that personnel encounter on a daily basis.


This is one of the most progressive and accurate methods of staff appraisal today. It helps to identify the actual and potential capabilities of a specialist needed for the tasks at hand, and to see them in a real-life situation. The assessment takes place in a business game, a case study or a group discussion on any topic, and includes:

personality and motivational questionnaire;
a role-play;
aptitude testing; 3;
individual interview;
presentation of an individual problem solution and its defence.
During the paired or group exercises, the supervisors determine the competences of the employees. During the exercise, the consultants behave carefully and tactfully in order not to lower the self-esteem of the employees being tested and to create positive impressions of the studies. At the end of the assessment centre, the client receives a detailed report on all participants and written recommendations for working with them.