Please note that we are not interested in the fact for what reason this or that thing was damaged.
Everything has a price. Pay for the inconvenience caused and do not disconnect from your vacation.
We are against any discussion.
I couldn’t figure it out for a long time. How come? Pottery doesn’t cost much in the store. But at the craftsmen’s, the price is cosmic.
For example, our pot costs 50 euros.
It’s simple. It’s a special clay. It’s porous. And it immediately differs in appearance from store-bought consumer goods.
In a porous clay pot, the product is stewed and WHY!!! It turns out very tasty.
I don’t know why. But it does.
Therefore, on earthenware, as well as on everything else that can break or spoil with careless attitude to it! The rule goes like this.
He who breaks or spoils pays double.
And we accept apologies.

Pizza roasting rack 40 €

40E sm.jpg

Frying pan 50 €

50E sm.jpg


Production of real earthenware:
The finished earthenware is dipped in milk after the first firing, the porous clay absorbs it into the walls of the vessel, and then the master fires the vessel again. In this way, the vessel becomes practically waterproof, easier and more convenient to wash and store.

Saucepan 52 €

52E sm.jpg

Saucepan 70 €

70E sm.jpg

Saucepan 100 €

100E sm.jpg