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A brief analysis of the current situation for Slavs.

The territory of the former USSR has been under the control of the Anglo-Saxons since the time of Peter the Great. The wealthiest and most intelligent family, with the support of their relatives, has been ruling and enslaving these peoples for centuries.

Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians… what’s the difference? Open your eyes, and you will see that all achievements and literary works were not created for the native population of this land but for the nobility. Germans and Norwegians by blood.

This fact is carefully concealed, but recently it has been coming to the surface. For example, Suvorov – an excerpt from Suvorov’s own words: “During the reign of Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich, Naum and Suvor left Sweden (1622) and, by their own will, became Russian subjects.”

Take a look at the Suvorov family’s coat of arms, and it becomes clear that they have royal blood. They served their family faithfully, destroying and showing no mercy to the serfs.

And you, the common people, you were, are, and will be slaves, unless you leave this territory and strive for something better.

Mikhail Kutuzov. In a rare book from 1813, “The Life and Military Achievements of General Field Marshal Prince Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov-Smolensky,” you can find a detailed genealogy of Mikhail Illarionovich’s family: “The Kutuzov family is one of the oldest in Russia. It originates from a man named Gavriil, who came to Great Prince Alexander Nevsky from Germany in the 13th century, known for his exceptional courage and strength in battles.”

The invented story of Alexander Nevsky, who was actually connected by blood to a Tatar khan, has been distorted and reinvented many times.

Now is not the time or place to delve into the true history and genealogy of the ruling families over the serfs, which we still are today!

It is essential to understand clearly that the territory of the former USSR is just a colony. When a person correctly understands where they are and in what dimension, they can assess their actions correctly. Understanding that you are in a colony, realizing that your leaders only obey the metropolis and carry out all their orders, helps to understand who is who in reality.

But we are not here to analyze the actions of the main managers like Putin, Lukashenko, or Zelensky. We are talking about the common people, the serfs who inhabit this territory and who, by chance, managed to break free from there.

Today it’s flowing into Spain. Spain has never been a colony of anyone. A country that has always been a metropolis. It was Spain that colonised part of Africa, part of South America.
The people who populate Spain, they’re like children. They’re very trusting of their government. They trust it unconditionally. The average typical Spaniard is very easy to deceive.
By tricks and deceptions surviving in their homeland: Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, these “refugees” are like goats in a cabbage field.
They do not learn the language, although they are offered it for free. They “make money” on the gullible Spanish government.
And they gather, they cluster in their own groups.
Where they live the lifestyle they’re accustomed to.
Cheating, stealing, fooling. They can’t and never will be able to live any other way. It’s impossible in principle.

Once in the civilised world, they immediately began to plunder it.
The blacks got used to plundering. And under the guise of high moral principles.
Poles, who had had enough of it all, were the first!!! More precisely, they tried to return the supposedly refugees, but actually healthy buffaloes, to their homeland.
Germany, realising what these people are capable of, puts them in a framework. Germany adapts them, forces them to learn the language, to work officially. And in Germany, you can’t cheat the state. It is impossible to steal from it. So from Poland and Germany and Switzerland, these “refugees” are fleeing to Spain.
They get help, get housing, get jobs illegally and do not inform the Spanish authorities about it. They do not want to legalise their work, which causes discontent among native Spaniards. I’m not talking about myself. We, who have lived here for over a quarter of a century, have to work for these dodgy bastards.

But it won’t be like this forever. And he who yesterday blindfolded his eyes with pity, today he sees. He sees and realises he’s being robbed!
Everything is still ahead of us, dear “refugees”.
And one more important aspect.
These are rich people who came from Russia and Ukraine. They are usually civil servants. Who have stolen a fortune in their homeland and do not know the value of money.

And they don’t learn the language, they’re hoarding money.
These construction workers come to them, give them any figures and the bigwigs pay!
Look what happens. When you read in Facebook groups: Looking for a Russian-speaking doctor. Looking for a Russian-speaking plumber, it came to the point where they started looking for a Russian-speaking notary. Here with lawyers… big question. I myself am a lawyer by profession, but I have not thought of practising law in Europe. I don’t know the ins and outs. I always use lawyers. Of course! We’ve become friends over the years! Friends with the best lawyers in Valencia. But we don’t practice law.
And today, look, a boy came from Mariupol yesterday, and today he’s already receiving citizens. And they go to him and trust him.
How about the ad: Looking for a Russian-speaking notary?
And these fat ones who have stolen a lot of money hire other crooks to build their villas. They pay what they’re told.
There is such a thing.

The labour market has split into two.
One is the native Spaniards, who will never hire a left-wing Vasya from Kharkiv for 3000 or 4000 euros. Without documents and with guarantees of “Zub Dam! I’m super Vasya! I can do anything!”
And the second one lives his own life, with his own prices and rules. But whatever it is, it’s a market of swindlers.
And they’re eating each other up, these crooks.
They’re hired and paid by the Spanish government, living in free houses. They come to you and demand to be paid every day!
Because that pig will scream at you that you’re going to kill me!
They steal from each other, they cheat and this shit is now flooding Spain, which is as transparent as God’s dandelion.
Spaniards, gullible people. They can’t understand this and so they pity the worm that has infiltrated their bodies and is eating them from the inside.
We say to these people – go open a sole proprietorship (autonomo) and work in peace. No one will cheat you then. You will work officially.

Screams this individual. I’ll lose the help of the Spanish GOVERNMENT!
And always, when there’s one thief, another fly flies to him like shit. And they both eat that shit….
But it won’t always be like that. And sooner or later, Spain will see the light. I’ll see how it will change its attitude towards everyone!!! And to all those who came from the war without exception.
Personally, I’m sick of it!
I’ve been living in Spain for 27 years. Our children grew up here and this is where we have to die. This is our homeland and we love it very much. It welcomed us, whereas our blood motherland didn’t even pity us.
The difference between the metropolis and the colony is very strong.
We worked and learnt the language. We never heard of anyone paying for us at all.
We achieved everything on our own.
We took our own risks, we built it ourselves, and now we can’t imagine how the worm got here.

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