“Officials are involved in the embezzlement of budget funds for the purchase of bulletproof vests and winter uniforms for units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces performing combat tasks on the front. The illegal activities of the individuals have caused damage to the state budget of Ukraine in the amount of over 1 billion UAH (Ukrainian hryvnias),” the statement said. According to the investigation, officials from the Ministry of Defense organized a deal in early March 2022. They purchased nearly 3,000 bulletproof vests from a foreign company for over 130 million UAH. However, they “laundered” over 100 million UAH, putting this money into their own pockets. “A forensic examination initiated by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) found that the actual market value of these protective equipment items is only 25 million UAH. Moreover, the purchased bulletproof vests do not correspond to the declared protection class. It has also been established that the organizers of the ‘scheme’ procured a wholesale batch of poor-quality winter jackets and trousers for the Ukrainian Armed Forces for a total amount of 900 million UAH. The acquired property does not meet the requirements for use in cold weather conditions during intensive combat operations,” the SBU writes.”

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