Swimming Pool, Moorish Oven, Hot Tub, Barbecue, Hammam

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Booking Swimming pool, Turkish bath, hot tub, wood cooker (Russian oven), barbecue, hammam


Check-in from 14:00. Room must be vacated by 12.00 the following day. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises.

Jacuzzi: 20€ session (30 minutes).

Hammam: 20€ session (40 minutes).

Barbecue: 20€ (Firewood included).

Cooker: 50€ Can only be used in the presence of an attendant.

Hookah: 20€ (apple flavour).

Massage services: Cost to be discussed in advance. To be booked in advance.


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If you wish to spend time with company in the Chalet.

No more than 8 people. To be booked in advance. The cost of the lots is listed

Order Sauna – Hammam en La Pobla de Vallbona


8 hours


12 hours


24 hours

All inclusive

Welcome To HAMMAM en La Pobla de Vallbona

Escape to Chalet: Indulge in Unforgettable Relaxation

Welcome to Chalet, where culinary excellence, relaxation, and rejuvenation come together for an unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in the charm of our 17th-century Moorish oven as it brings out the rich flavors of our dishes, or savor the succulent meats grilled to perfection on our authentic paellero.

Dive into the oasis of our indoor and outdoor pools, offering year-round comfort and the perfect setting to unwind. Experience the soothing embrace of our Turkish Hammam, where ancient traditions meet modern relaxation, and melt away stress. Indulge in the luxury of a massage in our hydro-massage Jacuzzi, designed for ultimate serenity.

Our closed pool area ensures a tranquil retreat no matter the weather. Even during the winter months, the warmth welcomes you to a refreshing aquatic escape. Relaxation reaches new heights with our four-person hydro-massage Jacuzzi, the epitome of hydrotherapy sophistication – your ticket to complete relaxation.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. Our Moorish oven reimagines the culinary experience, infusing every dish with the essence of the past. Join our experienced staff to prepare and cook your desired meals, from Italian to Spanish, Georgian to Uzbek cuisine. Unlock the flavors of history, transporting your taste buds to a time-honored tradition.

Explore the art of slow cooking in our traditional Spanish paellero, where Mediterranean and Eastern cuisines blend effortlessly. Experience the difference as ingredients are meticulously simmered to perfection, or indulge in the rapid sizzle of the paellero for a swift and sumptuous feast.

In our haven, you become a master of relaxation. Bask in the glow of our German underfloor heating, easing away your cares and inviting wellness. Experience the life of a noble in our Turkish Hammam, then embrace the bliss of lounging on cushions and carpets.

At Chalet, we offer more than an escape; we offer a journey to a healthier you. Feel rejuvenated, embrace the warmth even during the winter, and immerse yourself in tranquility after a session in the steam room. Our array of additional services ensures your every need is met during your stay.

Discover true bliss, as we cater to a maximum of six guests, guaranteeing you personalized attention. At Chalet, your escape awaits – a fusion of history, relaxation, and culinary delight that will leave you craving for more.

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