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Today’s situation has led to many immigrants in some countries. They are taking up jobs. Including skilled jobs. For example, programmers.
Therefore, the tendency is that wages are not increasing, but remain stagnant. While the prices of food, of basic consumer goods have almost doubled.
But that is not what is surprising. What is surprising is the fact that young people don’t value their jobs very much. They can easily be rude to a manager and leave.
During these 40-50 fertile years, all the families in Europe, America and Russia have gained fat.
Perhaps what is happening is a necessity. People should be responsible for their place in society.
They should not neglect work.
The bulk of young people have no initiative. They don’t want to study. They live off their parents’ money. Statistically, there are 80 percent of them today.

And then there is the question of natural energy conservation. People have to spend their savings so that the new young people start to value their jobs. People should become poor. They should not have a choice. They should not say:
“Ah… they don’t pay much here, I’ll go to Germany or England and work little and get a lot there.”
They shouldn’t have money left over for a ticket.
It’s a natural process. They have become afraid of losing it.
That is why the crisis that is now taking place also partly belongs to the excessive accumulation of money by the population.

We understand these natural processes. Our mission is to give young people the opportunity to find a job in their field and with a good salary. Those who are meant to be rich will not run from country to country and covet new happiness.
Of course this does not apply to people who were forced to flee the war. But even here things are not so straightforward.
If in today’s time the borders are open, it does not mean you have to abandon your land and flee.
It must be defended.
But modern times have changed. The word homeland has lost its direct meaning. Borders no longer exist today.
And multinational companies, seeking to capture the human masses, “invent a witch hunt”.
It’s no secret that social networks today require not only proof of identity, but also proof that you own a real business.
That is why we are particularly selective today.


Working at OffZone is a job in online sales. New experiences all the time. You get to interact with people from all over the world. Different mentalities. China, United States. Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Finally Russia and Europe.

Pleasant bonuses and comfortable working conditions.
Office in Valencia, Europe’s most magnificent city. The climate is wonderful. Your children will always be healthy. You will not fall ill!
The Mediterranea diet keeps you toned up. You don’t need warm winter boots and thick, expensive fur coats.
Champagne costs less than 3 euros and pours like a bucket.
Men with wavy curls and sizzling Spanish women.
We also pay wages! Bonuses and commissions!
Fill in our vacancies.

We set high goals
This means there is positive pressure and challenge from the team and leaders, because only in this environment do breakthroughs happen. Such pressure inspires and motivates people without bringing with it the fear of possible failure. When we work towards lofty goals, we are fully committed to the work. Once achieved, we celebrate victories together.

Your words and ours do not differ from our deeds.
When we agree on something, we do everything to implement it. We behave in line with the principles we declare, setting an example for the rest of our team. We remember that culture is how we act, not what we say or write on the walls.


Our team is a family
In a family, there is only transparency. As a family, we root for each other. We are honest with each other. We remain constructive and mutually respectful of each other. The conflicts that we have are conflicts of ideas, not of people. An open environment for information exchange is a guarantee of trust.

High engagement
There are several key things that influence our desire to be and work at OffZone, and we pay special attention to them:
– You have interesting tasks.
– You have people around you that you can and want to learn from.
– You make time for professional and personal development.
– You feel part of the team and you feel welcome.
– You see that your work is making a difference in the world.

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