Info-gypsies. These Are The Ones Who Skilfully Suck Money


These are the ones who skilfully suck money out of the ordinary, usually dreaming of becoming rich

Our video on the issue of scammers in Spain:

Well, here we are, info-gypsies, in Spain. What are info-gypsies, you ask? They are those who skillfully extract money from an ordinary, usually aspiring to be rich, VASYA!

Signs of an info-gypsy:

  • I have a magic pill that will make you rich.
  • A business trainer without a business.
  • Elements of the sweet life in excess.
  • Blank spots in their biography.
  • A 100% expert who knows everything.

How do they do it? In various ways. For example, they train Vasya. They get their claws into him, and once he falls under the supervision of these masters, he never escapes their sight for a minute. They introduce him to “successful people” who quickly become his “friends.”

Well, “friends” won’t advise him wrong. Once he’s in their team, they send the dupe in circles, from one hand to another. He attends meetings, circles, gatherings, where they introduce him to various individuals, claiming that they are successful businessmen. Although in reality, they are just common crooks. They are well-dressed, engage in intellectual conversations, usually drive expensive cars, and are supposed to serve as role models. That’s it.

Vasya’s marketers and advertising specialists start ripping him off, and he not only leaves all his money behind but often takes out loans. They’ll help him with that. These guys have connections everywhere, including banks. And of course, if the amount is significant, there will definitely be a “random” occurrence!

In some cases, it even leads to divorces. Until the guy is completely stripped of everything.

You should understand that, of course, we’ve been through the tumultuous ’90s of the post-Soviet era. But we went through them only on paper. Everything changes: the climate, diseases, and scammers. In reality, it’s all as old as the hills.

Personally, I’m concerned that TikTok is actively promoting INFOJITANOS. We tried to fight back, but TikTok removed our video. Well, what can you do?

Be way! In some countries, such actions are now subject to criminal prosecution.

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