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To conclude an agreement on the provision of services for connecting to services, information support, advice and support to the participant of the OFFZONE Business Club.

1. General provisions
1.1. This offer is addressed by Trust World Kargo Ltd, which is also called TWK and acts as an interpreter, represented by the General Director and sole owner of TWK Tarassenko Olega (it is also an agreement on the provision of information support services, advice and support The business participant – Club “OFFZONE” (hereinafter, as Offzone) to a certain circle of persons specified in clause 1.2 (hereinafter – the client).
1.2. This offer is addressed only to the following persons: to individuals or legal entities who are citizens of any country, or persons without partners who are engaged in any business in any territory and in any country. People who want to scale and promote their business only legally, without violating the rules of tax law, legal and civil law.
1.3. This offer is an official offer from Offzone.
1.4. Acceptance of this offer is payment of the registration fee and/or membership fee in the manner, amount and terms specified in this offer and financial conditions.
1.5. By carrying out the acceptance of this offer in the manner determined by paragraph 1.4 of this offer, the client guarantees that he is familiar with, accepts, fully and unconditionally accepts all the terms of the contract in the form in which they are set out in the text From this offer, including the requests for this offer are an integral part of the contract.
1.6. The client understands that the acceptance of this offer in the manner specified in clause 1.4 of this offer is equivalent to concluding an agreement on the conditions set out in this offer.
1.7. By taking actions for the acceptance of this offer, the client represents and warrants that he is authorized and has legal rights to enter into contractual relations with the contractor.
1.8. This offer is published on the contractor’s website located on the Internet at (hereinafter referred to as the Site).
1.9. The contractor has the right at any time to amend the conditions of this offer. Changes in the conditions of this offer begin their action from the moment they are published on the site.
1.10. This offer can be withdrawn at any time until accepted.
1.11. This offer does not require affixing with seals and/or signature by the client and the contractor (hereinafter referred to as parties), while maintaining full legal force.
1.12. This offer is not a public offer.

2. Terms and definitions
2.1. Contractor, further in the text Offzone – Trust World Kargo Ltd.
2.2. Site: the contractor’s website located on the Internet at, which contains information about the services provided by the contractor for information support, consulting and customer support, carried out as part of the participation of The residents (participants) in the club, including information about any changes in the current version of the contract and any other significant information.

23. A resident (participant) is an individual or legal entity who is a citizen of any country or stateless persons who have approved registration on the site and paid the participant’s contributions.
2.4. Admission is the process of certifying the candidate for meeting the club’s formal and informal criteria, as well as confirmation of business reputation.
2.5. The Offzone Business Club is the conditional name of a set of organized measures (non-participation of measures) and services for residents (participants), which is provided to the Offzone under the contract, as well as the additionally indicated online and offline events . organized and performed by the contractor.
2.6. A membership fee is a monthly contribution from the client, collected for the purpose of payment:
To connect us to IT services:
Offzone mobile application, closed sections of the Offzone site, full chat on telegram.
As well as the costs of promoting the client, the provision of marketing services, client services. The membership fee does not include expenses associated with additional Offzone expenses, such as warehouse, customs, transit. The costs associated with the delivery of products declared by the customer and more in accordance with the semantic content.
2.7. Event (network event) is a group meeting of residents (participants), held online or offline in the format of a unifying event, a forum, a trade event or in a different format, the purpose of which is the exchange of experience and knowledge on various professional and business topics, as well as entertainment or educational nature.
2.8. Club Rules – a set of rules for using the services installed by the club for the resident (participant). The rules of the club are placed in Appendix No. 1 to this offer and are an integral part of the contract.
2.9. Additional services – services that are not included in the price of a membership fee and are provided to residents (participants) of the club for a separate one.
2.10. Other terms, especially not defined in the contract, are used in the values ​​established by international law and other regulatory legal acts.

3. Predict the contract
3.1. The client pays, and the contractor organizes and provides a set of services for information support, advice and support to the club participant, as well as providing a resident (participant) with the possibility of attending certain measures organized and carried out by the contractor ( in text – Services), provides the opportunity to use the trading platform, offers consultations, including legal assistance, as well as any feasible assistance in promoting goods or services to the client in the international and local markets.
3.1. The contractor provides the opportunity and the right to the client to open his trading room or consultancy on the platform. The right to promote your goods or inquiries, to get paid for them online using the software and payment gateways of the platform
3.2. The parties have the right to coordinate additional types of services for which additional payments are provided.
3.3. The calendar of events, the place of services, registrations and photos are published on the platform, and also sent to the client by email.
3.4. To provide services under the contract, the contractor has the right to attract co-performers of his choice without written approval with the client, who remains responsible for the actions of such co-performers as his own.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties
4.1. The client undertakes:
4.1. Comply with the requirements of the club rules, observe discipline and generally accepted standards of behavior, in particular, to show respect to the contractor’s staff and other participants, not to encroach on their honor and dignity.
4.2. Carry out the necessary registration procedure in the club, as well as provide your data for said registration.
4.3. Do not use the information received from the contractor in a way that may harm the interests of the contractor.

5. The contractor performs:
5.2. Organize and ensure the proper provision of services in accordance with the schedule of measures and the contract.
5.3. Provide driving measures that meet sanitary and hygienic requirements.
5.4. Use all personal data and other confidential information about the client only for the provision of services, do not transmit and do not show documentation and information about the client to third parties.
5.5. Ensure the uninterrupted operation of the client on the platform.
5.6. Give oral and written consultation to the client on additional client issues. The complexity of the problem, the volume and the terms of advice are determined in each case by the contractor independently.
5.7. Calculate the damage caused to the client’s property if it can take place.
5.8. To notify the client about the dates, the place, the subject, the subject and the procedure for the planned measures, no later than 7 (seven) calendar days before his conduct.
5.9. Timely inform the client about the change in the structure of the services provided under the contract and the conditions for their provision.
5.10. To fulfill other tasks provided for by the contract and does not contradict international trade standards.

6. The client has the right:
6.1. Require the provision of information about the organization about the organization and ensure the proper provision of services.
6.2. Require adequate and timely provision of services by the contractor.
6.3. Refuse to perform the contract, provided the contractor is paid for the services actually received.
6.4. Go back to the contractor for all issues related to the provision of services, as well as questions related to the provision of services, including questions about additional services.
6.5. Send the contractor your recommendations and proposals for the services provided by the contractor.
6.6. Use the services and privileges provided to you on the conditions provided by the club rules.

7. The contractor has the right:
7.1. To independently determine the forms and methods of providing services based on the requirements of the legislation, as well as the specific conditions of the contract, taking into account the wishes of the client.
7.2. To independently determine the composition of specialists providing services and, at their discretion, distribute the work among themselves.
7.3. Requires payment for services rendered.
7.4. Suspend the provision of services in case of termination of payment.
7.5. To request the client additional documents and information necessary for the provision of services and join the club.
7.6. Unilaterally making a change to the club’s calendar and hours.
7.7. Make changes to the rules of the club at your discretion and unilaterally, having informed the residents (participants) of the club about the changes through the personal account.

8. The cost of approving the acceptance of services
8.1. Services are considered properly and in full if the client within 5 (five) calendar days after the end of the Services did not apply written claims to the Contractor or did not request a report on the Services provided free of charge from the Contractor.
8.2. If the client requested the report from the contractor in accordance with clause 8.1 of the contract, then the contractor prepares and sends such a report to the client by email within 5 (five) calendar days from the date of the request.

9. Payment of services
9.1. Membership fee, paid by the client through the payment system published on the website

10. Responsibility of the parties
10.1. The parties are responsible for the performance of non-fulfilment or inadequate performance of their obligations under the contract.
10.2. The contractor does not reimburse the client’s cash costs for contributions to provide a complex of services if the participant (client) at his discretion did not use all or part of the services provided during the duration of the contract.
10.3. In the case of the client’s damage against the contractor, including damage to the commercial reputation caused by the lack of consequence of the club rules, the client reimburses the contractor for all documented damages.
10.4. Disputes and disagreements that may arise during the performance of this Agreement will be resolved as far as possible through negotiations between the parties. The procedure prior to the claims trial to resolve disputes is mandatory, the response time to the claim is 10 (ten) business days.
10.5. In the case of the client of falsifying documents that identify the client, in particular, as a person with the right to use the services of the club, the contractor has the right to refuse to perform the contract in a unilateral additional court with a higher. Prohibit the services of the client, as well as declare the submission of the documents sent to the club of other residents (participants).
10.6. The client does not have the right to provide access to the club and its closed sections to other third parties (in particular, the client does not have the right to provide his username, password of the personal account, share the information of the club, including through The address of the club’s mobile application screenshots). In case of violation of the specified condition, the contractor has the right to refuse to perform the contract on a unilateral non-court order with an additional ban on the client to use the contractor’s services, as well as to recover a fixed fine from The customer in the amount of 2000 (two thousand) euros.

11. The action of the insurmountable force
11.1. The party is exempt from liability for total or partial failure to comply with his obligations, if said non-compliance was a consequence of the validity of force majeure.
11.2. In the event of irresistible force of circumstances, the deadline for performance of obligations under this Agreement is extended in proportion to the time during which such circumstances and their consequences apply.
11.3. A party that cannot fulfill its obligations due to the action of the insurmountable fortress should immediately notify the other party in writing about the principle and the expected validity of these circumstances.
11.4. Adequate confirmation of the validity of the circumstances of insurmountable force are certificates (other documents) issued by the competent authorities of state power or authorized by the state.
11.5. If the circumstances of insuperable force that prevent the performance of the obligations under the contract will continue for more than 3 (three) months, then each of the parties shall have the right to refuse to perform the obligations under the contract, in which Neither party shall be entitled to reimburse the other side for possible loss, non-storage and the application of other property liability measures.
11.6. Upon termination of the circumstances of the circumstances of insurmountable force, the party referring to this circumstance should, without delay, notify the other side in writing, indicating the deadline by which it intends to comply with the obligations under the contract, if it remains possible and convenient for the parties, or substantiate the impossibility or inappropriateness of adequate performance.
11.7. The parties admit that the insolvency of the parties is not a circumstance of force majeure.

12. Privacy
12.1. In order to properly perform the contract, confidential information means any information and data, written or oral, and all data operators containing or disclosing such information and technologies that the parties disclose to each other in accordance with the contract.
12.2. The parties undertake to keep secret and not to disclose information and data that became known to the parties in connection with the discussion, conclusion and performance of the contract (confidential information) without the prior written consent of the other party to the contract.
12.3. The parties undertake to observe confidentiality in relation to any information that is not intended for the general use of the parties among themselves during the execution of the contract, and not to disclose such information to third parties with the exception of: (a) cases provided for by the applicable law or Judicial Law, (b) cases, where a party provided in writing for disclosure of such information by the other party; (c) Cases when this information was already in public access (not as a result of the breach of the provisions on the confidentiality of the contract) at the time of its provision by one party to the other party (including the media,
12.4. Each side assumes the obligation to guarantee the confidentiality of the confidential information received from the other side, using at least the same methods for this and making no less efforts than such party makes to guarantee the confidentiality of its own confidential information.

13. Personal data
13.1. The client confirms that all the personal data provided by the client are correct and true.
13.2. The client is notified of the possibility of the executor of the photo and/or video recording of the events carried out by the club.
13.3. The resident (participant) of the club is notified of the introduction of a video surveillance system in the premises where club events are held and expresses his consent to carry out a video surveillance contractor to ensure the safety of club events .

14. The result of intellectual activity
14.1. All information materials provided by the Contractor to the Client in the process of providing services, as well as all results created as a result of the provision of services under the contract, including the results of photography and video obtained by the Contractor during the Contractor during the Contractor. The provision of services is the result of intellectual activity, the exclusive copyright, including adjacent copyright, belongs to the contractor.

15. The reasons and procedures for amending and terminating the contract
15.1. The contract can be terminated by the agreement of the parties, as well as in a unilaterally non-judicial procedure for the written notice of one of the parties, as well as for the reason provided by this Agreement.
15.2. The termination of the contract is carried out in a unilaterally non-judicial procedure within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of receipt of a written notice of termination of the contract.
15.3. The customer has the right to terminate the contract in a unilateral order of departure in case of violation by the contractor of the obligations provided for in clause 6.2 of the contract.
15.4. The contractor has the right to terminate the contract in a unilateral exit order in cases of:
15.4.1. Violations by the Client of the obligations provided for in this Agreement.
15.5. The contractor has the right to unilaterally make changes and/or additions to the contract, as well as change and/or clarify the composition and conditions of the provision of services.
15.6. The contractor reserves the right to unilaterally change the cost of services under the contract, sending a new version of financial conditions to the client. Services paid by the customer up to the time of such change, recalculation and change are not subject to change.
15.6. Changes and additions related to the expansion of the composition of services, a change in terminology, a change in the structural content of the contract and other similar changes come into force from the moment of the publication of the relevant altered documents on the website of the contractor. The right to determine the date of the delayed entry into force after its publication on the site (preliminary preliminary (preliminary preliminary disclosure).
15.7. To take effect, changes to services, as well as the composition and conditions of service provision, comply with the mandatory procedure for preliminary disclosure of information to the client. Preliminary disclosure of information on amendments to the contract is carried out by the contractor no later than 10 (ten) calendar days before the entry into force of amendments or additions.
15.8. The client who is not consistent with the amendment of the terms under paragraph 15.7 of the contract has the right to reject the contract on an additional one-way court, sending written notice of this to the contractor.
16. Payment details, contact information

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