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An IQ test or intelligence test is part of every assessment. There are different types of IQ tests and three main ways of presenting information: in words, pictures or numbers. From each of these three, dozens of tests circulate. Each focuses on a particular part of intelligence research, and some are often used in assessments:

Very often used:
General intelligence and reasoning ability

Verbal analogies (single analogy test, double analogy test)
Syllogisms (syllogism test)
Progressive matrices (progressive matrices test)
Frequently used:
Specific intelligence and reasoning ability

Numerical reasoning (numerical series test)
Understanding of automation / flowcharting
Occasionally used:
Intellectual skills

Linguistic ability (antonyms test, compound words test)
Data accuracy/control
Arithmetical skills
Technical understanding
Geometrical comprehension (Geometric Intelligence Test)
Commercial Comprehension
These latter IQ tests are mainly used for assessments in certain sectors and for positions for which relevant abilities are important. An intelligence test for commercial understanding is unlikely to be part of your assessment if you are applying for a non-commercial position.

In most cases, you will have to take several IQ tests during the assessment and together they will determine the results. This means that there is not just one test that gives one IQ score.

Practice IQ tests
Contrary to what some people say, it is useful to practise IQ tests beforehand. You may not be able to practise with specific questions, but it will give you an idea of strategies and thinking patterns that may come in handy during real tests. You train your brain to think the way you are expected to think. Brains are like muscles and can be trained. So taking an intelligence test never hurts. To prepare for an IQ test, you can take some short IQ tests.

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IQ tests as part of an assessment