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Accepted payment methods:
MM accepts payments via PayPal (direct and debit cards), Stripe (card), Cryptocurrencies, direct credit card, bank transfer.
Payment PayPal
If PayPal is available in your country, you can use PayPal. You need to create a PayPal account which will be linked to your bank account with your debit or credit card and verified by PayPal.
You can directly use your “Visa” or “MasterCard” or other credit card to pay for your order on MM website.
You will be able to see all payment options after proceeding to checkout.
– Credit card (Stripe)
– Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
Bank transfer
We accept the payment method by bank transfer. If you choose this payment method, your bank account and information will appear on the payment page. After a successful transfer, please send the transfer proof to our customer support via email ( or online customer support as soon as possible. After receiving the information, our customer service will confirm the order and arrange the delivery as soon as possible, thank you!
Please do not email us any bank account or credit card information (unless we tell you to, in which case please follow our instructions carefully).
We do not accept Western Union money transfers.
We do not accept other online payment systems than those mentioned above. Sorry!
Please do not attempt to use another person’s credit card or PayPal account to make payments unless you are certain that the owner of the credit card/PayPal can provide us with direct confirmation of payment authorization.

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