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The request for the offer to conclude a contract for the provision of services for the support of information, advice and support of the participant in the Offzone Business Club.
The main provisions of the business community that govern the relationship between members and the administration of the club, providing the most effective and comfortable participation.

1. The main provisions.
1.1. The Offzone Business Club (hereinafter referred to as the club) is a voluntary association of individuals created to coordinate and combine experience, examinations and resources of club residents to realize ideas, objectives (including personal ones) and capabilities of the participants.
1.2. The club acts on the basis of the principles of voluntary participation and equality of its residents.
1.3. Residents joining the club remain independent in their activities.
1.4. The club chat is the main communication channel between the participants, implemented in the Messenger Telegram.
2. Entrance to the community.
2.1. Entrance to the club.
2.1.1. Potential club members undergo mandatory verification.
2.1.2. The audit is carried out on the basis of the passport data provided by the candidate and establishes the legal, fiscal, social and/or other reputation of the prospective participant at the discretion of the club administration.
2.1.3. Entry into the club means connecting a resident to the IT services and measures specified in clause 2 of the contract for the provision of information support services for consultation and support.
2.1.6. The adaptation is a three-month process of synchronizing the resident with the rules, principles and values ​​of the club in order to guarantee the maximum possible implementation of the requests and objectives of the residents. In three months, each month, the representative of the club team collects feedback on participation and compliance with the informal criteria of resident, principles and rules of the Baddy club, moderator and community manager. In case of contradictions or negative comments, a meeting with a resident is held with a resident to analyze the situation and develop a plan for further actions. In case of repeated violation of the rules, principles or criteria, the club team holds a second meeting with the participation of other residents to analyze the situation and develop a plan for further action. In the case of another violation of the rules, principles or criteria, the club team initiates the removal of the resident from the club and the termination of the participation contract.
3. Rights of club members.
All club members have the right:
3.1. Participate in the promotion and development of the club;
3.2. Actively participate in the activities and development of the club, its working groups;
3.3. Submit proposals and execute applications for the realization of thematic seminars, cultural events or others that contribute to the development of the club;
3.4. Act as initiators to create working groups or various clubs in the Interest Club;
3.5. To express your opinion, make comments and make proposals to improve the work of the club.
4. Participation in club events, the conditions for your visit and payment.
4.1. Rules for attending events and participating in the work of club members.
4.1.1. Club members have the right to attend all meetings organized by the club in accordance with paragraph 2.1. Contracts for the provision of information support services for consultation and support of the Mega Market Business Club.
4.1.2. In the event that additional fees are required, club members are notified of additional expenses through personal mail and directly prior to the event.
4.1.3. Club members are obliged to notify the club administration about their absence at the event if they are registered for it at least 1 day before the date of their conduct through the personal account on the site, in the group or by phone +34622777611.
5. Rules of conduct in the club.
5.1. The club has strict confidentiality. This means a ban on the dissemination of information received at club events without the written permission of the original source.
5.2. Club is a community of equal entrepreneurs. All club members are obligated to respect each other and refrain from harsh criticism of someone’s personal address or methods of conducting another person’s business, as well as not boasting about their wealth and successes.
5.3. To preserve and increase a certain level of openness and trust, it is important to show courtesy and respect at club meetings and to express your opinion in a manner that is correct and acceptable to other club members.
5.4. Conscious participation in club events. Club clubs are not late, do not miss forums, do not violate the rules and technology of meetings, do not go earlier and are not intoxicated by drugs or alcohol at forum meetings, and at the request of the club Administration turn off the telephone and other means of communication.
5.5. Each club member is always ready to help another club member as part of her ability and takes this task in priority.
5.6. All club members have the right to bring up topics related to a violation of their comfortable participation for open discussion (for example, related to the violation of the club rules by another participant).
5.7. All club members should be right in networking and refrain from aggressive marketing or imposing their products or services both in personal communication and when communicating on social networks and messengers. Any advertising must be agreed with the club administration.
5.8. Any political, religious and national propaganda is prohibited in the club.
5.9. All club members are required to notify their guests of the rules of behavior in the club and are responsible for their behavior at club events.
5.10. Membership transfer or renewal to another representative is not permitted.
6. Sanctions for violation of club rules.
6.1. For violation of the rules of the club for the first time with the participant, the club administration holds a conversation with an explanation of the causes of the violation and an oral guarantee of further compliance with the rules of the club.
6.2. In the case of a repeated violation, the annual membership is stopped, the participant is excluded from the community with the return of the part paid by the participant in proportion to the time that has passed from the moment of violation to the expiration of the contract.
7. Community exceptions.
7.1. Exclusion from the club.
7.1.1. The decision to exclude from club members is made by the club administration on a written or oral request received from any of the club members.
7.1.2. The exclusion of a member from the club can be made for not fulfilling the rules of the club by decision of the club administration.
7.1.3. The club member has the right to present her explanations and her point of view to the club administration before making a decision on her exclusion.
Contractor: Director of Trust World Kargo Ltd Oleg Tarassenko

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Rules for the OffZone business club