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A brief analysis of the current situation for Slavs.

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A brief analysis of the current situation for Slavs. The territory of the former USSR has been under the control of the Anglo-Saxons since the time of Peter the Great. The wealthiest and most intelligent family, with the support of their relatives, has been ruling and enslaving these peoples for centuries. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians… what’s […]


Assessment report


Following every assessment an assessment report is drafted. This report includes your results and any advice regarding your career and points of development. Being the candidate, you always have the right to inspect the report first. Then you can decide to give or withhold permission for forwarding the report to the employer. Components of the […]


Assessment tips


If you are going to participate in an assessment in the near future, you will want to present yourself well and get a positive result. Here is a top ten of assessment tips that can help you prepare. Assessment training Score higher on tests and ace your assessmentView Prep Packages When preparing for an assessment it makes […]


Assessment center method


What an assessment centre doesAn assessment centre helps to solve a number of HR tasks: to select promising managers from among the company’s employees and predict the success of their work in a new position;Make the right decision about hiring a candidate for a vacant position, selected by recruiters from external sources;assess not only professional […]


Relationships with colleagues at work

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Many people have experienced when work colleagues are highly annoying.An investigation in the UK found that one in two employees struggle to get along with their colleagues. The British recruitment agency Pertemps conducted a study which showed that more than 50% of employees at firms have experienced so-called “office rage” at least once, when various […]


Mailbox exercise


A frequently used evaluation component is the letterbox exercise , sometimes also called ‘in the basket’. This exercise is used very often, especially in management evaluations. What is a letterbox exercise? In a letterbox exercise you are given a full mailbox or inbox, digital or analogue. You are the manager to whom received mail is […]


Personality tests


Personality tests are almost always one component of an assessment. Filling in questionnaires gives you an idea of who you are and what suits you. QuestionsIn a personality test, you are presented with statements about behaviour or opinions. You then choose which ones are more or less applicable to you. The questionnaire usually consists of […]


Components of an assessment


During an assessment you may be confronted with different components. Most assessments are largely similar and consist of the same components. For example, an IQ and personality test will almost always be part of the assessment, as well as practical simulations. Tests The most important and most frequently used test in an assessment is an IQ test. Often they take the […]


Management assessment

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The management evaluation focuses mainly on leadership qualities. This assessment will focus on issues such as independence, delegation of authority and communication. Purpose of the management appraisalBy using management appraisal, the company will gain insight into the leadership qualities of the employee or candidate and how that person will perform in a management position. Management […]




Fact-finding is a popular component of assessments . In this task, you get limited information about an issue and then have to find more facts to develop your view of the problem. How does it work?At the beginning of the fact-finding assignment, you, as the candidate, get limited information about the problem or situation. By […]

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